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The Background

Odisha is rich in culture and it’s delicious food. For some reason Oriya cuisine rarely features among the popular (or known) Indian food cultures today. The reason may be there are not enough information on web or it’s so simple and healthy that didn’t get notice by food lovers. Sangita’s Kitchen aims at provide enough information about Oriya food and it’s preparation style for foodie. At Sangita’s Kitchen we are not confined on only Oriya recipes but other Indian food recipes such as North Indian, South Indian and Chinese recipes also.


Oriya Food Thali

In Odisha you will find various types of food. There are home-made foods, Festival foods, occasional foods in parties like marriage functions, temple food like Lord Jagannath’s Abhada. In western Odisha you will find little different food from other part of Odisha. So basically it’s a huge food culture and thousands of verities of food found in the state.


In Odisha each temple has its own food (bhoga/prasad) to be served for god and goddess. For Puri Jagannath temple Maha Prasad or Abhada is very famous. For Lingaraj temple Bhubaneswar similar type of prasad is being prepared for Lord Siva. You will find food prepared by temple in our Temple food section in details.


Mahaprasad of Lord jagannath Puri, consists of 56 recipes, so it called chhapan bhoga. It is based on the legend that Krishna missed his 8 meals for 7 days while trying to save a village from a storm holding up the Govardhan hill.



Mahaprasad’ is of two types. One is Sankudi mahaprasad and the other is Sukhila mahaprasad

You will find lots of verities of sweets in Odisha. Chenna poda, Rasagola, Rasabali, Rabidi, Chhena Jhili etc.


Places Famous for Food in Odisha

There are places in Odisha specially famous for food. Like Nimapara for Chhenajhili, Kendrapara for Rasabali, Pahala for Rasoagola, Baripada for Mudhi etc. Dhenkanala for Bara.chhenagaja

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